A few months ago I was a guy just like you. A guy trying to find a sexy escort to have a good time with. I searched and searched online. I even checked the throw away papers. I just couldn’t find a place that I trusted. I had a bad feeling with all those other sites. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The pictures of the girls are never clear. They’re all fuzzy and so low quality. It looks like they borrowed your grandpa’s flip phone from ten years ago to take the pictures.

I’ve been visiting escorts for some time. I know a good escort when I see one. I’ve had some bad experiences. Too many to even mention really. I suppose the worst one was this really fat woman. The escort site must have Photoshopped her picture or something. She looked like the girl in the ad. But, she was fat. I mean fat. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know she was the escort I was suppose to meet. I just thought she was a random person.

I’m not at the stage of my life where I have time for dating. It’s all I can really do just to keep up with work. I spend pretty much every hour working. Sure, I sneak in time for a few beers. I go to the pub and watch a football game. Drain a few pints and sit at the bar. Nothing ever happens though. It seems like I just can’t meet women.

Then we have the dating sites. You know how those are. I don’t even need to talk about them. They’re filled with women that are looking for love. I really have no idea what those women are looking for. Sometimes they want love and other times they just want a sugar daddy. It seems you always end up paying for what you want at those sites. Far more than you pay for an escort. Those dating sites make going to escorts seem cheap.

The experience is always great. I also go and meet the escort. I never have to take them home or anything like that. They don’t call me or show up at my house. In fact, they never know where I live. I like that. It keeps this separate from the rest of my life. Sure, I love to have fun with these girls. But, I don’t want to feel like they’re stalking me. If I wanted that, I’d just get married.

A lot of you guys are probably on the fence right now about visiting an escort. My advice to you is not to be. You’ll always have a good time. You know what kind of good time I’m talking about. The kind that you have in the bedroom with a sexy girl. The kind of fun that makes you smile for days. I’m an experienced guy that’s had a few escorts in his day. Take it from a guy that knows. These are simply the most sexy and wild escorts you’ll ever have an encounter with!